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New report spotlights crisis in housing poor

The Problem

Rooming houses, already often old and run down, are disappearing in the inner city, which means far fewer housing options for the very poor. Over the last 20 years, 1,400 units have vanished.

The people who live in rooming houses are the hardest to house — often the poorest people, in the grip of addictions, mental illness or crime and flying under the radar of social services.

A confusing mess of government agencies and departments regulate rooming houses, and none do so effectively. Four separate city bylaws and branches now regulate rooming houses, plus the province’s health inspectors, the Residential Tenancies Branch and provincial housing programs. Many rooming houses aren’t licensed so they don’t get regular fire or health inspections, and many sidestep residential tenancies rules altogether.

No one knows exactly how many rooming houses there are. No one counts or keeps track.

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Winnipeg’s Royal Canoe released their album Today We’re Believers in September of this year. One of my favourite tracks (and the first single) off the album is Bathtubs. 

Somehow, until today, I missed the fact that they published a video for this song in June! This video is clearly well thought out, well directed and fits so well with the song. Kudos to everyone that was involved with this project. It is a work of art. 

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Canada's Homeless Showing

When people have to decide between paying the rent and paying for food, medicine, or other essentials, they experience more stress. Lack of good quality housing has been linked to poor health and educational outcomes. Ensuring everyone has good housing can reduce societal costs related to health care and the justice system. In the end, making sure we all have good housing benefits everyone.

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