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My New Year’s resolution is to do better. One of the areas I want to learn more about and improve is my photography skills (or lack there of). 

I know everybody and their mother considers themselves an amateur photographer but I do not. All I do is push the push the main button down when I want to take a picture. There’s definitely a lot more to a good photo than that.

I signed up for a photography workshop this up coming weekend, with Greg Johnson, the Tornado Hunter. He takes amazing, breathtaking photos. I’ve been following him on twitter for a while and he takes amazing shots of the prairie landscape and changing weather patterns. While I want to focus more on portraits, I hope a lot of it will carry over.

Today after work I decided to take some photos so that I could have something to compare to after I take the course. These are my ‘before’ I took the workshop pics. I’ll post my ‘after’ shots next week! 

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Director Maïwenn’s new docudrama Polisse follows the daily grind of the Paris Child Protection Unit — whose officers do battle with the most horrifying elements of society — and a photographer assigned to document their heroism and heartbreak. The film won the Jury Prize at Cannes in 2011, and is “like a whole season of the The Wire packed into a single film.” Out June 15.

(Via The Daily What)

Really want to see this but then I really don’t want to see it at all. The more stressful my job gets and the more horror stories I hear, the more I just want to watch the Food Network.

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